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What Worries Consumers and Businesses the Most?

Business leaders and consumers share many common concerns, according to data compiled from the 2016 Travelers Risk Index. The annual survey found that cyber risk is still considered one of the greatest risks facing both Americans and American businesses. And while businesses worry more ...Read More

How Does a Data Breach Happen?

To show how quickly a cyber criminal can hack into a database, Travelers’ Cyber Fraud investigative team developed a mock business website built on a common open source platform with a common weakness, or vulnerability, that would make it a prime target for cyber ...Read More

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Preparation Tips

Tropical cyclones can develop in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They are born in moist tropical air. About every four to five days, a tropical wave of low pressure moves along with westerly winds. Some of these ...Read More

Business Owners Policy

The Dimmitt family is currently not only helping the people of Tampa Bay with their insurance needs, but the entire state of Florida. The name that so many trust in purchasing their automobiles are now assisting clients protect their families with – auto, home, ...Read More

Animal Liability

Being a pet owner is very rewarding, but it also brings with it a significant amount of responsibility. While people expect to be responsible for feeding and exercising their pet, many people don’t realize that they are also responsible for their pet’s actions, often ...Read More

After a Car Accident

Immediately following a car accident, the most important thing is to ensure everyone involved is safe. If any injuries exist, be sure emergency services are called immediately so medical care can be administered as quickly as possible. If, thankfully, no one is seriously injured ...Read More