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Agreed Value vs. Stated Value for High Lux Vehicles

Since 1924, the company where I’m employed has been providing service for individuals to purchase and maintain their luxury vehicles. As the on-site Risk Manager/Insurance Agent for the Clearwater campus, I have uncovered a serious gap in most of my client’s auto insurance that ...Read More

3 Point Checklist for Lower Auto Insurance

I searched for tips online as to how someone could lower their auto insurance premium, but it was disheartening to see the results. Most of these “tips” were bullet points that were not really helpful at all. Sure, increasing your deductible and taking a ...Read More

Dimmitt Insurance Supports Festivals of Speed

Dimmitt Insurance was a proud sponsor of this year’s Festival of Speed. On the weekend of April 7th, Festivals of Speed was held in St. Petersburg, Florida. The cocktail reception was Friday night and featured delicious food, expensive alcohol, and unique cigars. Guest toured classic cars ...Read More

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

The short answer is yes! Whether or not you live in a high risk flood zone, you are taking a tremendous risk with your home and financial security by not obtaining flood insurance. With very few exceptions, homeowners’ insurance does not provide coverage for ...Read More

After a Car Accident

Immediately following a car accident, the most important thing is to ensure everyone involved is safe. If any injuries exist, be sure emergency services are called immediately so medical care can be administered as quickly as possible. If, thankfully, no one is seriously injured ...Read More

Do I Have “Full Coverage?”

In the insurance industry we often get asked for policies providing “full coverage,” but this is not a straightforward request. “Full coverage,” is not technically an insurance term.  Many people use “full coverage” to refer to automobile insurance policies that carry both the liability coverage ...Read More