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The Takeout Process for Florida Homeowners

If you hear the word “takeout”, maybe your first inclination is grabbing some to-go dinner from your favorite local restaurant to bring home to your family after a long day at the office. For Florida homeowners, this term can be an actual living nightmare ...Read More

Animal Liability

Being a pet owner is very rewarding, but it also brings with it a significant amount of responsibility. While people expect to be responsible for feeding and exercising their pet, many people don’t realize that they are also responsible for their pet’s actions, often ...Read More

Windstorm Mitigation Inspection

As essential as homeowners’ insurance may be, it can also seem quite expensive for something you’ll hopefully never use. In Florida, as well as other catastrophe-prone areas, the cost can seem exorbitant. Various factors influence your homeowners’ insurance cost, and while you may not ...Read More

Flood Insurance

While homeowners’ insurance typically provides protection for things like a fire, lightning strike, hail damage, theft, and many other hazards, one thing usually not covered under a homeowners’ policy is flood. With few notable exceptions, you must purchase a separate flood insurance policy in ...Read More